This is the later style paint and bolty nose set up, photographed at Glenwood Springs. The road number 175 was never used at Amtrak before being assigned to this P42. This was one of the group of diesel purchases that Penn Station (Madison Square Garden) was mortgaged for. After starting out with the high skirt bluenose, she was repainted into the present low belt scheme. Its serial number is 53032 with a build date shown of June 2001.

Earlier in its life, #175 was spotted at Jacksonville, when Amtrak was still doing freight and express business. It was being used there as a switcher. The mechanical department at Jacksonville was later mostly abolished, and as far as we know there is not a switcher kept therre any long. The low-skirt "George Warrington" bluenose paint scheme originated May 2001 in new production at road number 169. Subsequently, older units in different paint have been re-branded.

It took 5 years to gradually expunge the most of the other earlier paint varieties. The last nine high skirt bluenose units were in the road number #150-165 group, as well as earlier repaints 33 and 92. They were finally changed during late 2005 and early 2006.

GE never produced any additional P42's after the Via-Rail Canada order was completed, but carried it in their product catalog as late as 2003. A new passenger locomotive was under development in 2007, but production never took place,and GE eventually exited a number of business lines in order to please activist stockholders and hedge fund investors. The locomotive production line was just one of the lines jettisoned in order to please the hedge funds.

175 started out the year 2020 at Chicago Shop, and went to the Denver-Winter Park Ski train on January 10, 2020. It returned to Chicago March 11 when the Ski Train was cancelled due to a virus outbreak. On March 17 it went to Fort Worth on the Texas Eagle, and on March 23 it began operations on the Hearland Flyer. It stayed there until May 9/10, 2020, when it returned to Chicago on Train 22..