The Genesis P40/P42 series has one backlighted numberboard on the nose. Previous Amtrak F40 locomotives had two backlighted numberboards up high above the cab windows. The next three locomotive photos, of #73, #74, and #75 illustrate the three basic designs that Amtrak has used over the years. Of course there have been some bootlegged non-standard installations, but we won't go into those quite yet.

Engine #73 is shown here with the standard white numerals, outlined in black. At some point a change was made to a sold black numeral, illustrated in the photo of #74. In 2001, new deliveries came with a blue background, illustrated by #75. Eventually older units were changed, and the dark blue version is the standard today.

Amtrak's dual-mode Genesis units originally also had the standard back-lit number board, but these were sacrificed in the name of safety. A front escape hatch was installed, for emergency use, and instead of a central number board, two painted ones were applied on either side of the new hatch. This is unique so far to the P32's owned by Amtrak and Metro-North, although it is possible that Connecticut may be adding them to their refurbished former Amtrak P40's. If you have info on this please message us.

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