Engine #73 has now been out of service for more than a year, sitting at Beech Grove with obvious scratches and tears down the engineers side. It was the trailing unit behind #58 on the Coast Starlite March 18, 2021 when a contractor left a bobtruck too close to the tracks. A collision and fire ensued. Engine 58 was patched back up, but #73 ended up at the Grove on June 9, 2021. Also missing in action in 2023 is #79, as noted below. In June 2023, #74 was trailing on the Coast Starlight when a truck incursion took place. Not known in July is whether it was damaged to severely to return to duty.

Serial numbers for 70-79 are between 49608 and 49617. Build dates were March and April 1997. After delivery in the 1993 style paint, all were eventually refurbished into 2000 millennial livery. Road numbers 75 and 77 first received northeastern 1998 varient, all the rest going directly into low shirt millennium paint during 2002. Both #75 and #76 had early repainting due to wreck damage (the latter due to a derailment and overturn). Nose cones were all changed to the bolt-on variety by the end of the decade.

When we get a chance more historical info will be posted on #73.

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