General Electric's P40/P42, built at Erie. Pennsylvania proved to be a successful design. Amtrak purchased theirs for $5 million each (in 2018 dollars). Fifteen older P40's from 1993 ( out of the group 800-843) were upgraded to P42 standards during 2011-2012 using stimulus funding from the George Bush financial panic. Rebuilt #809 and #823 were subsequently wrecked. Others were sold to Connecticut DOT and are still in Shoreline Service (they are scheduled to be rebuilt in 2020). Our information is unofficial, and corrections or updates are welcome.

Amtrak's stash of 14 additional stored P40's at Beech Grove, Indiana, were used as parts sources and offered for sale in December 2018 (800-806, 811, 813, 825, 826, 828).

Newer P42's are road numbers 1-207 of the standard units at Amtrak. Canada used 900-921 series road numbers for its small P42 fleet. Theirs were build in 2001 after completion of the Amtrak order. Four were seriously damaged and rebuilt, but all of the Canadian units remain in service.

All but two of the Amtrak P40/P42 group have had bolt-on nose cones installed, #108 and 109 still believed original in 2018. Via-Rail Canada kept the original nose, but added a third headlight.

The other buyer of the Genesis-cabbed design was the Metro North consortium for dual-mode 3200 horsepower "B32" models on third-rail territory around New York City. Four Connecticut-owned units are in retro-New Haven paint jobs.

Amtrak's P40's were built in 1993. The first ten of New York's dualmodes were built in 1995. Amtrak's road numbers 1-50 (roughly) are from 1996. The 1997 group, more or less, are 50-120.

Road numbers 123-207 were built over the 2000-2001 period, and the second half of the dualmode group also date from 2001. Overall, the oldest Genesis-cabbed GE's are 25+ and the newest are nearly 20 years old.

Because of their age, the fact that Charger locomotives have replaced Amtrak P42's on many state-routes, and because some thought is being given to a rebuild/replace program, there may not be as many P42's coming back into service after wrecks as in the past. The cost of fixing them now is at a tipping point. Below are the losses and some possible losses, so far, listed by road number.


1 Clearing tracks of snow at Longmeadow, Mass on March 13, 2017. Encountered a snow plow at a road crossing. Moved in CSX freight service September 4, 2017, waybilled to Beech Grove.

8 Struck the rear of NS freight 23M November 30, 2007 at 36 mph north of Englewood junction, while working the Pere Marquette into Chicago. Accident blamed on engineer miscalling a red over yellow signal. Might have been prevented if PTC had been in effect.

21 Empire Builder July 29, 2013 near Trenton, North Dakota. Trailing unit #91 slightly damaged but returned to service only to be destroyed in 2016. In the 2013 incident, A construction company bulldozer on the tracks without notification to the BNSF. Offered for sale November 2019 in sales offer 2019-02.

42 Retired "Joseph Boardman". See Below.

47 Collided with a CSX autorack freight train at Cayce, SC. on super bowl sunday, February 4, 2018. Leading train 91 at the time. On board fatalities wer the engineer and conductor. Engineer had name added on #162 (see below).

49 Fuel system fire December 2011. Remnants offered for sale by Amtrak November 2019 in Sales offer 2019-02.

54 Moved to Beech Grove 2-28-18. Displaced by Charger Illinois unit. Status unknown.

65 Semi-trailer/tractor strike April 14, 2016 near Galva, Illinois on Chicago-Quincy train

66 June 5, 2015 (Heritage-painted unit) hit by a semi-truck load of bacon while on the Texas Eagle in Illinois. Returned to duty early July, 2015 after a nose job at Chicago. Hit again in Illinois in February 2016, this time on a Lincoln Service train near Joliet by a container truck and semi-trailer. Arrived Lumber Street February 27 and moved to Beech Grove on March 17, 2016. The heritage paint job originally on #66 was later replicated on #130.

70 Fuel system fire January 2011. Remnants offered for sale by Amtrak in Sales Offer 2019-02.

80 Hit by a trailer load of military Striker vehicles at Slidell, Louisiana April 2011. Engine #187, also damaged in the wreck, returned to service February 25, 2014.

91 and 155 taken out in a road crossing incursion on the Empire Builder on November 23, 2015. Arrived Beech Grove in freight service February 8, 2016, 155 was repaired 91 was not.

102 hit a rockslide October 5, 2015 on the southbound Vermonter. One of the last three steel nose units at the time. It went down into a ravine on its side. April 2016 moved in freight service to Beech Grove on a flatcar.

128 Low boy trailer February 1, 2012 at a grade crossing near Jackson, Michigan. Originally part of the dedicated Michigan pool. Replaced by #38 in the Michigan pool.

141 Fuel system fire November 2011.

143 Wrecked in Utah 2001, overturned and burned after sideswping a UP freight. Taken off roster, and after several years, was cut up. First P42 loss, when new.

149 Wrecked in Utah 2001, taken off roster, and scrapped. The second P42 loss, when new. With #143 in sideswipe and fire. Might have been prevented by positive train control?

178 Fuel system fire February 2011.

185 March 11, 2015, an oversized trailer with 13 axles was manuvered and parked in front of the Carolinian at Halifax, North Carolina. The driver exited his cab. The rig reportedly weighed 255,000 pounds, and was on the tracks for at least twenty minutes under the direction of the North Carolina State Police before the engineer of train 80 rounded a curve and could react to the tarp-covered load parked in front of him. The resulting impact overturned engine #185 and derailed the baggage car and the first coach. Returned to Chicago May 11, 2015 on CSX Q389. Likely scrap candidate.

200 Set out Las Vegas, New Mexico 6-October 2017 result of boulder strike on southwest chief. Arrived back Galesburg on BNSF freight 23-November-17. Chicago shop arrival 2-December-17. Arrived BEE 21-DEC-17. Another possible total.

Of the above incidents, three possibly could have been avoided or mediated had positive train control been properly in effect: 143/149 at Wendover, 8 at Englewood, and 47 at Cayce.


Two of these are probable total losses, maybe more. Some awaiting insurance adjustment. Others may be in for repair, routine maintenance, and possible repainting.

16 Hit by a truck 10-31-18 Palatka, Florida. Repaired at Sanford sufficiently to move to Washington by February 2019.

20 Derailment 8-30-19 at Liberty, Texas on train 2. Semi-truck/trailer incident. Moved Houston-Livonia 9-6/7/19 in UP freight service. To Avondale yard by -12-19.

27 Suffered an electrical issue and possible fire at Whiting, Indiana on eastbound Wolverine, January 5, 2019. Fixed quickly and back in service within a few days.

29 Truck strike Gary, Indiana 1-21-19 on Bluewater. Repaired

32 To Beech Grove December 14-15, 2018 on Hoosier State. No known damage. Back to Chicago 1-27-19. Then hit by a truck May 24, 2019 on City of New Orleans. Evidently shopped or stored at New Orleans. Reported freight move, sighted Hawhorne Yard 7-27-19.

35 Train 59 encountered a semi-truck carrying automobiles south of Terry, MS on August 16, 2019. Moved to New Orleans, then to Chicago on August 24/25, 2019. Moved to Beech Grove 8-31/9-1(hospital train combo with Cardinal).

41 Tree strike, Virginia in July 2019. Most damage on fireman side.

42 Veterans special paint unit. Also had Joseph Boardman logo, who passed away March 2019. Hit a tree on the Crescent, May 23, moved to Beech Grove May 26, 2017. Repaired and returned to service 1 September 2017. Back to BEE 8-21-18. Retired from Service.

51 Truck Strike on Northbound Crescent, July 12, 2019. Moved Washington to Chicago 7-25/26. To Beech GroveJuly 28, 2019.

67 Dump truck attack October 25, 2018 at Suffolk, Virginia on Norfolk regional. Remains out of service. Finally moved Washington to Chicago on the Capitol Limited in July 2019. To Beech Grove 21-July-2019

72 To Beech Grove May 9, 2019. Out in fresh paint July 15, 2019

79 Semi with load of gypsum board stopped on crossing 11-8-18 in front of Silver Meteor near Palatka, Florida. Taken to Sanford shop. Quickly repaired and placed back in service.

84 Moved to Beech Grove May 1, 2019. Out in fresh paint August 12, 2019.

88 Tree strike on Vermonter, July 14, 2019. Near Brattleboro. Pilot cut away and taken to Springfield by rescue units. Then to Chicago. Reported back in service on train 30 September 3, 2019.

89 Encountered a tractor trailer load with big top tent for circus 11-5-18 on westbound Capitol at Gaithersburg, Maryland. To Chicago as third unit on train 29-15, arrived November 16, 2018. To Beech Grove November 22, 2018. Remains BEE as of June 2019.

92 To Beech Grove 1-DEC-18. No known damage. Out with fresh paint 1-18-19.

94 Reported moved to Beech Grove April 20, 2019. Status unknown. Fresh paint observed May 16, 2019.

98 To Beech Grove July 21, 2019. Out in fresh paint September 2, 2019.

99 Moved to Beech Grove December 27, 2018. Out in refreshed paint February 10, 2019.

106 Minor damage February 2019 debris strike (pickup truck) in New Hampshire.

112 Technically still in service, but for Metro North. Leased by Amtrak, October or November 2018, renumbered to Metro North 2112. Patch removed and returned to RSR May 25, 2019.

113 To Beech Grove October 1, 2018 after a vehicle strike. A semi blocked a crossing at Missouri City, Texas on September 21, 2018. Eastbound Sunset Limited with 113 and 168. Still at Beech Grove June 2019.

115 Technically still in service, but for Metro North. Declared surplus and leased to Metro North October or November 2018, renumbered 2115. Returned to Amtrak with patch removed on June 2, 2019.

120 To Beech Grove 1-19-19 Out February 16, 2019

126 Truck attack 1-25-19 on train 350 at Three Oaks, Michigan. Some repairs made by March 2019, returned to duty with reports of continuing issues.

131 To Beech Grove March 28, 2019. Out in fresh paint May 17, 2019. Evidently back to Beech Grove September 22, 2019>

145 (Heritage Paint) Garbage truck strike on the Buckingham Branch at Crozet, VA. 31-JAN-18 Special charter hit by garbage truck at road crossing. Moved to Beech Grove and repaired. Out in fresh paint March 2019.

152 Truck strike, Palatka, Florida, moved to Sanford Shop, April 2019. Moved to Beech Grove May 24, 2019. Out in fresh paint 8-8-19

158 Axle bearing, en-route failure northbound City of New Orleans, Wesson Junction, MS 2-13. Moved to New Orleans where it evidently remains as of June 2019. Could have remaining issues, but reported working on Crescent in June 2019.

160 Set out Ottumwa, Iowa 1-24-19 after en-route failure. Evidently repaired at New Orleans and returned to duty April 9, 2019.

162 Capitol Limited 12-10-18 vs load of corn near Ranson, WV. Lite move of engines 203 and 121 retrieved on December 13 and towed back to Ivy City. Had Michael Kumff logo. Stored and has not reported to have left WAS as of Jun 2019.

164 Boulder strike September 13, 2019 near McCarty's New Mexico on train 3. Set out. After having torch work done, picked up by the following train 3 and moved to Los Angeles.

169 To Beech Grove 19-January-2019. Repainted and back in service March 10, 2019.

171 Evidently to Beech Grove September 18, 2019.

181 Eastbound on CSX Cardinal routing January 15, 2019. Then on Virginia Regionals. Damaged January 17 on train 67 at a crossing incident east of Richmond. Pilot torched off. Rescued by 824 on January 18 and resided at Ivy City shop as of August 7, 2019. Evidently repaired there. Moved Capitol Limited west as second unit 8-11/12.

186 Evidently moved to Beech Grove July 31, 2019. Out in fresh paint September 22, 2019.

188 Moved to Beech Grove March 20, 2019. Out in fresh paint May 12, 2019.

189 Fresh Paint from Beech Grove April 12, 2019
193 Set out Reno, Nevada 1-23-19 after en-route failure. Eventually moved to Beech Grove March 8, 2019. Out in fresh paint April 12, 2019.

202 Shipped to Beech Grove January 4/5, 2019. Out in Fresh paint March 1, 2019.

205 To Beech Grove December 15, 2018. No known damage. Fresh paint when released January 25, 2019.

206 To Beech Grove June 19, 2019. Out in fresh paint August 21, 2019.

207 Moved to BEE in April. Out in fresh paint June 7, 2019.

460 Overhauled for Metra, September 2, 2019

505 (P32) Engine compartment fire at Seattle February 16, 2019. Evidently moved to Beech Grove?

709 Shipped west on Lakeshore August 22/23, 2019. Then sent to BeechGrove for overhaul and repainting on Cardinal/hospital train.

712 Shipped to Chicago March 12 2019 for transfer to Beech Grove and repainting. Out in fresh paint 8-8-19

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