Engine 151 came from Erie in March 2001 with the high skirt paint job. The other high-skirt siblings were gradually repainted while she sat out following a wreck. There were just a handful of siblings left at the time she came out of repairs from the Hallsville, Texas September 11, 2001 disaster. She was in service just five months prior to being wrecked. Two other of the high skirts, #143 and 149, had been also wrecked shortly after delivery, and neither of them were repaired. Engine 151 sat at Beech Grove for multiple years, one of the longest periods of time that any damaged P42 has ever sat out of service. After repair, the paint scheme was changed, and a bolt-on nose applied.

The road number 151 was assigned to both a former BN F7 and a Rohr Tubroliner at Amtrak before being assigned to this Genny. These P42's are the diesel purchases that Penn Station (Madison Square Garden) was mortgaged for.

This low-skirt "George Warrington" bluenose paint scheme originated May 2001 in new production at road number 169. Subsequently, older units in different paint were re-branded. It took 5 years to gradually expunge the other paint varieties. The last four high skirt bluenose units after 151 were also in the road number #150-165 group. Two other earlier paint schemes on #33 and #92 were also the last to be updated during late 2005 or into 2006.

In a recent photo at Glenwood, #151 is shown here in her current paint job and nose configurarion.
The GE Genesis design, being a "cab" unit with the body being integral to the structure, has provided its fans with interesting paint jobs over the last dozen years. Units destroyed prior to the Hallsville wreck were 807 819 829 and 143 and 149. The other 800 series P40's were retired by Amtrak after 2001 except for work train service. They sat at Bear, Delaware until, thanks to Bush II stimulus funding, some were overhauled in 2011, mostly for Autotrain service.

The other engine clobbered in the Hallsville accident along with #151 was out of service until 2004, but after being sent to MPI for repairs, she returned to service before 151 did. The repair triggered a full exterior repaint job. The crash between Amtrak and a UP freight train had little or nothing to do with terrorism, although at the time we wondered. No doubt the events of that day did contribute somewhat at least indirectly to the circumstances of this crash. On that day, when all aircraft were grounded, there were concerns that other types of transportation might also be targeted.

A bunch more P40's and P42's have been wrecked, including some multiple times. As of 2020, many more have been scrapped or are pending scrap. If Amtrak survives into its 50th year, it appears that the Genesis locomotives still around in 2021 and later will be replaced by new Siemens Chargers.