General Electric manufactured the P40/P42 series
of diesel locomotives at Erie, Pennsylvania, during the period 1993-2001. Amtrak purchased 44 P40's, 207 P42's, and 18 dualmodes (the latter with New York State support for Empire Services). They are now Amtrak's longest-serving diesels. Even the newest ones are now 20+ years old and are eventually due to be replaced by Siemens Chargers.


We track as well as possible the movements of Amtrak's ancient P42 Genesis locomotive fleet, along with those few even older P40's that are still active at Amtrak. From time to time we may also track passenger cars and/or have some general comments about the future of transportation in North America.

The green page (generally updated daily) features those known to be in service or short-term shopped, as well as those active but not reported for two weeks. The red page (usually updated monthly) lists those believed to be out of service.


Looks like 3 and 17 went to Florin to pick up at least one new "western" Charger. This Charger (300) is the first one to be NRPC-owned rather than Fortress or the Illinois consortium. It is now being towed (dead) on the Zephyr. A special paint inaugural long-distance Charger. But instead of going on western trains, new long-distance Chargers will go to the NEC (for testing they say). Would not be surprised for them to stay there on the NEC (Nothing Else Counts). Meantime the old P42s are at max utilization, making for the most part more same day and next day swaps than ever. The days of having rest periods for cleaning and maintenance at termials are long gone (and we always wondered whether any maintenance was actually being done).


It's good to see the return of the Amtrak skeletal network. So far ridership seems to exceed capacity, which has been artificially reduced on most trains. So restricted capacity and high fares will dampen travel opportunities. Time will tell if fares are returned to normal...for they moment they seem to be sky high.

Meantime there are reports that Amtrak's procurement follies continue. Trains Magazine reports in particular that midwestern cars delivered from Siemens cannot be used due to lead contamination. And in the northeast, Acela II trainsets cannot be used because somebody forgot to check their compatibility with track curvatures and caternary. Seems the European power units will have to be adjusted to operated on the NEC's system. You would have thought somebody would have considered that earlier on.


The Tacoma bypass route has seen 155 doing practice runs this month. Hopefully they will get it right this time, but no word yet on when revenue trains will start using it.


Isn't it funny that the premium top-tier seats on airlines around the world are starting to look more and more like 100 year old lie-flat Pullman berths with baffle walls and curtains? Airlines add more and more amenities even as Amtrak continues to take them away. But even so, sleeping car accomodationshave been doing well recently, with most trains sold out, and fares at record highs.

Originally there were supposed to be five more new viewliner II's in the 2010 order (520-524). Status unknown.

Here are four low level viewliner sleepers that are currently unaccounted for. Two more have shown up to fill out the Crescent and Florida services. The others may be shopped, although we have no record of them going to Beech Grove. So for the moment they continue to be MIA:

62006 - Catawba River - No report since August 2020
62036 - Kankakee River - Last report October 15, 2020
62038 - Leaf River - Last report November 4, 2020
62039 - Maumee River - Last reported January 23, 2021
62520 - To Be Delivered? - Tiffin River
62521 - To Be Delivered? - Tombigbee River
62522 - To Be Delivered? - Trout River
62453 - To Be Delivered? - Wabash River
62524 - To Be Delivered? - Westfield River

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