General Electric manufactured the P40/P42 series
of diesel locomotives at Erie, Pennsylvania, during the period 1993-2001. Amtrak purchased 44 P40's, 207 P42's, and 18 dualmodes (the latter with New York State support for Empire Services).


For our new viewers, perhaps who just found this page, here is our mission: To track as well as possible the movements of Amtrak's P42 Genesis locomotive fleet, along with those few older P40's that are still active at Amtrak. If you have been here long enough, you also know that from time to time we may have some editorial comments about the poor state of US transportation infrastructure.


Our posting update will be delayed for a few days, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Note also that UP is doing some track work over the coming days which will particularly affect the Coast Starlight and the Texas Eagle.

CN workers are doing their best to get the McComb sub back into operation around the end of Lake Ponchartrain. But the return date of trains 58/59 between Jackson and New Orleans is still uncertain.

CN is now the latest class I railroad to again come under pressure from hedge fund stockholders. Look for customer abandonment, job cuts, train-off's, and cancellation of capital investments. This apparently has nothing to do with the failure of a proposed KCS merger, and would have happened anyway. Some lines will probably be sold, and others downgraded in order to increase executive retention bonuses and to raise dividends to investors. Old-timers might remember that CN and before that, its merger partner Illinois Central, was one of the first major railroads to abandon its customer base decades ago, forcing shippers onto the highway. The net results to taxpayers will be more infrastructure costs for highway upgrades, while business and consumers will see both higher taxes, as well as more supply chain problems and higher prices. Meantime national defense and security is also at stake as railroads abandon their transportation mission in favor of short-term executive and hedge fund stockholder greed.

We plan to work on the house a little bit this year, so your donations would be appreciated. Mama has ordered new drapes from Sears & Roebuck. We have no broadband (nor do we have water or electricity). Our infrastructure needs help, not just in West Virginia and Kentucky where US Senators continue to block progress. But at least now that the moratorium has expired, we can evict the renters from the basement.