In September 2023, #4,#5, and #7 were still running in the west. As of mid-October, #4 and #7 still were, with #5 heading east on October 9. They are definitely in the "catch 'em while you can" category. As far as we know, no 1996-built Amtrak Genesis locomotive (road numbers 1-45 and 47) was overhauled in 2022 or so far in 2023. This tells us that when they run-out on their current cycles, they will be sold or used for parts. Of the 1997-built units, only #68 has been overhauled within the past two years. Usually an overhaul signifies a repaint, and visa-versa, but not always. Engine #41 was repainted in August 2018, #17 reportedly in 2019, and #44 and #46 in 2021. These are the last we know of.

Between 1990 and 2002, Amtrak replaced is diesel locomotive fleet with 251 new Genesis series locomotives from GE ( an additional handful of dual-modes were also purchased). Several orders were placed over this time frame, with the 1996-1997 batch receiving road numbers starting with #1.

These engines 1-9 have worn all three basic paint styles. They were delivered in the 1993 stripes, repainted into 1998 colors as a group, and then variously converted into 2000 low skirt millenium paint. None of the 1-9 group ever wore the high skirt 2000 variant.

Three of the 1-9 single digit road numbers are still active today. Engine #3 is not known to have been retired, but had not been seen since February 16, 2023 in Chicago. It did move to Beech Grove on May 20, 2023. At last report in March 2023, damaged #1 and #9 were stored at Amtrak's Beech Grove, Indiana boneyard. Locomotive #6, was there for a while, but reportedly is now in use as a classroom at Bear, Delaware where Amtrak University is located. Wrecked #8 has probably been picked for any usable parts and scrapped by now. In May, #2 encountered a semi-truck trailer at a private crossing in Florida. Typical front-end damage was noted, and it was set-off the Silver Meteor, and moved to Amtrak's Sanford Autotrain shop. Evidently it sat there until July 12, 2023, when it began moving in freight service to Beech Grove.


#1 - Serial Number 49320 (August 1996) - March 14, 2017 vs truck at Longmeadow, Massachusetts while in maintenance of way duties
#2 - Serial Number 49321 (August 1996) - May 18, 2023 vs semi-truck/trailer Volusia County, Florida on northbound train 98 - BEE May 20, 2023
#3 - Serial Number 49322 (August 1996) - Operated on Palmetto in February 2023. No reports since. Believed retired.
#6 - Serial Number 49325 (August 1996) - Believed retired to use as an instructional classroom at Bear, Delaware in 2023.
#8 - Serial Number 49327 (September 1996) - November 30, 2007 on Pere Marquette at Chicago vs. NS train #23M.
#9 - Serial Number 49328 (September 1996) - May 29, 2020 vs John Deere farm equipment on Train 7 Roosevelt County, Montana


Here are sightings of the remaining three operating units in the 1-9 single digit group (#4,#5, and #7). They are not anticipated to be active much longer as more Siemens Chargers arrive at Amtrak to replace them. Not all movements are noted, and there could of course be errors. Engine #7 is the freshest of the group, having sat out for several years and rebuilt following a garbage truck encounter in Mississippi. The only one in the group to have had major maintenance in the last five years was #6 (October 4, 2021).

Should you wish to use our photos or info for anything other than personal use, please attribute them to We will attempt to update their locations from time to time, but no longer every day as in the past. Out of service and retired units have been moved to individual unit archives. The date given is either when the train left its original station, or the date of the sighting:

#2 - Serial 49321 (August 1996). Damaged in Florida, May 2023. Moved to Beech Grove in freight service in July 2023 (see page 2d archives for #2). CSX M518-(July)15 Birmingham to Nashville behind CSX 3025/3090/4073/4333. Moved to Avon Yard CSX M512-17(w/3324+5376). Evidently at Beech Grove.

#3 - Serial 49322 (August 1996). Chicago yard February, 2023 until moved CHI-BEE May20(w/29). Evidently remains at Beech Grove.

#4 - Serial 49323 (August 1996). See page 4C. T98Aug5/6(w/164+68). T91Aug6/7(w/68). T92Aug8/9(w/68). T97Aug9/10(w/68). T98Aug11/12(w/68). T19Aug12/13(w/169). T1Aug16/18(w/198). T2Aug18/20(w/198). T1Aug23/25(w/170). T2Aug25/27(w/170). T1Aug28/30(w/170). T4Aug31/Sep2(w/43+138). T7Sep3/5(w/304). T8Sep5/7(w/304). T7Sep8/10(w/304). T11Sep24/25(w/44). T4Sep28/30(w/137). T3 Oct1/3(w/137). T4 Oct6/8(w/18). T3 Oct9/11(w/40). T4 Oct 11/13(w/40).

#5 - Serial 49324 (August 1996). T8Jun18(w/325). T7Jun21(w/325). T8Jun23(w/23). Chicago yard. T3July9(w/135+138). No action in almost 60 days. Still at Los Angeles? T2Aug30/Sep1(w/189). T58Sep3/4(w/331). T59Sep4/5(w/331). T58Sep6/7(w/331). T59Sep7/8(w/331). T20Sep12/13(w/187). T85Sep13. T86Sep/125Sep14. T174/93Sep15. T88Sep16. T19Sep16/17(w/72+160). T20Sep18/19(w/72). T97Sep19/20(w/72). T98Sep21/22(w/72). T19Sep23/24(w/129). T1Sep25/27(w/33). T4Sep27/29(w/192). Chicago Sept 29 - Oct 9. T30 Oct9/10(w/309+344+345). T67/186 Oct 11.

#7 - Serial 49326 (September 1996). See page 7f. T6Aug1/3(w/29). T21Aug4/5(w/61). T22Aug6/7(w/56+61). T50Aug8/9(w/135). T29Aug10/11(w/43). T30Aug11/12(w/43). T91Aug13/14(w/132). T92Aug15/16(w/132). T85Aug16. T86Aug17. T29Aug17/18(w/321). T5Aug27/29(w/205). T6Aug30/Sep1(w/205). T5Sep2/4(w/45). T6Sep5/7(w/150). T5Sep8/10(w/150). T6Sep11/13(w/150). T5Sep24/26(w/182). T6Sep27/29(w/182). T5Sep30/Oct1(w/182). T6Sep3/5(w/182). T5 Oct6/8(w/182). T6 Oct9/11(w/182).

As of October 11th, #4 was last on the Chief, #7 on the Zephyr, and #5 in Virginia. #5 had the honor of leading Amtrak's two newest Chargers #344 and 345) into WDCUS on October 10.

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